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Court Reporter's Amazing Recovery from Motorcycle Accident

Category: General
Posted by: columbusbiker

As Mark Neal prepared to ride his motorcycle to work at the Franklin County Courthouse on Aug. 19, his wife had an uncomfortable feeling.

"Please don't ride today," she told him. "Drive the car."

But it was a beautiful summer day. Neal, who had ridden motorcycles since he was a teenager, always rode his Harley-Davidson Sportster to work from his Grove City home when the weather was nice. He wasn't about to change the routine for getting to his job as court reporter for Common Pleas Judge David W. Fais.

Tina Neal doesn't know why she asked her 53-year-old husband to stay off his motorcycle that morning, something she hadn't done before in their 31 years of marriage. She never imagined that he wouldn't make it to work that day.

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